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Introduction to Management and Entrepreneurship

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Industry Overviews, Brief Articles, Data

Music Industry - Record Labels

As of 2012 there are only three major record labels - or Music Groups. A Music Group consists of music publishing companies, record (sound recording) manufacturers, record distributors, and record labels. Music Groups typically own multiple divisions and record labels due to increased consolidation within the sound recording industry in past several decades. 

The three major Music Groups are: 


Industry Groups / Professional Associations

Industry professional organizations collect data and statistics about their industries. 

When searching for associations, be sure to evaluate carefully, looking at the association's mission, purpose, etc., but also researching what other organizations say about the association.

Find organization websites:

  • In Google or your favorite search engine search the name of your industry plus the word "association"

Industry Codes

Find the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) and SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes that apply to your industry.