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Introduction to Management and Entrepreneurship

Course Guide


  • Look at the company or organization's website
    HINT: Look for "Investor Relations" first for public companies. Also, for nonprofits, search for financial information and/or annual reports.
  • EDGAR [U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission]
    Public companies only.
  • Nexis Uni from Lexis Nexis
    Both public and private companies. Go to MENU at top left and choose "Company Dossiers". (Tutorial video coming soon.)
  • Guidestar
    Nonprofit financials. You will need to create a Free Account to access the information.


At the Company Level:

At the Product, Service or Brand Level:

Local Area Competitors

Research your competition in the place where you plan to start your business. Search for industry information in a local newspaper. Google searches for the type of small business or nonprofit in the given city or area may be helpful, too.

Company Information

"Company Financial Info: Business Insights Essentials and Statista," recorded September 2020, 5 minutes. 

"SWOT Analysis using Business Insights Essentials," recorded September 2020, 3 minutes.