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FSF Scholarship Competition - FASH 381

This guide links to selected tools to support the research for FASH 381 FSF Scholarship Competition.

Company Information and Articles

Annual Reports

All publicly traded companies must publish annual reports and other financial information.  There are a couple of easy ways to find these reports:

1) First, determine whether your company is PUBLIC or PRIVATE.  This is easily enough determined with a Google search, but confirm with more than one source and beware of CURRENCY.  Companies often go from private to public at some point with an initial public offering (IPO).

2) Don't confuse a parent company's smaller company or brand with the publicly traded company itself.  Determine if your brand is owned by a publicly traded company, and look for the annual reports of that company.  (A librarian can help if needed.)

3) On the company's web page, look for ABOUT and/or INVESTER RELATIONS or FINANCIAL REPORTS.  Sometimes the consumer-facing page will not make these easy to find.  In that case try Googling your company name and the words "Investor relations" or "financial reports". 

4) SEC.GOV  -  All public companies in the U.S. report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). You can find any public companies financial reports there.  *On the site, the annual report is equivalent to the 10-K.*