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The Healing Stage

Library location: 3rd floor, 365.66108996073 B592h

Lorraine Hansberry: the Life Behind a Raisin in the Sun

Library location: 5th floor, 812.54 H249Ys

When Broadway Was Black

Available online

The Feldenkrais Method

Available online

Mediatized Dramaturgy

Available online

A Comedian and an Activist Walk into a Bar

Library location: 5th floor, 792.76 B739c

Radical Vision

Available online

Spectrums of Shakespearean Crossdressing

Library location: 5th floor, 822.33 Dba 2021

Cracking Up

Available online

We Had a Little Real Estate Problem

Library location: 5th floor

In the Heights: Finding Home

Library location: 5th floor

New and Featured Playtexts


Library location: 5th floor, 822.92 L478c


Available online

The Lehman Trilogy

Library location: 5th floor, 812.6 M418L

Wolf Play

Library location: 5th floor, 812.6

Some Relevant Call Numbers

Call Number Subject Library Location
391 Costume, Fashion 3rd Floor
781.3 Musical Composition 5th Floor
782.14 Musicals 5th Floor
791.28 Acting 5th Floor
792 Theatre 5th Floor
792.09 History of Theatre 5th Floor
792.7 Comedy, Comedians 5th Floor
808.8245 Monologues 5th Floor
812 American Plays 5th Floor
822 English Plays 5th Floor
822.33 Shakespeare 5th Floor


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  • Acting
  • Actors
  • Black theater
  • Experimental theater
  • Feminist theater
  • Theater audiences
  • Theater history
  • Theater and society
  • Women in the theater


  • Acting
  • Costume
  • Improvisation (Acting)
  • Theatrical makeup
  • Theater production and direction


  • Acting -- vocational guidance
  • Theatrical agents
  • Theatrical producers and directors
  • Theater production and direction