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Pre-Raphaelites and Aesthetes

This guide was created in SP22 for LITR 386A: Seminar in Literary Interpretation and LITR 679B: Graduate Seminar in Literature

Art Resources

Critical Analysis & Scholarship

A Non-Comprehensive Selection of Books

Pre-Raphaelite Women Artists

Library location: 4th floor, 759.2 P922m1999

The Pre-Raphaelite Illustrators

Library location: 4th floor, 769.92 S961p

The Pre-Raphaelites: Romance and Realism

Library location: 3rd floor, 709.42 D441p

William Morris

Library location: 3rd floor, 709.2 M877f

Sir Edward Burne Jones

Library location: 4th floor, 759.2 B963A

Rethinking the Interior, C. 1867-1896

Library location: 4th floor, 747.0941 R438e

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