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Italian Renaissance: Honors

This guide is designed to help students enrolled in the honors section of the Italian Renaissance with RoseAnna Mueller, Ph.D. - Fall 2020

Researching an artist, musician, or writer

Begin researching an artist, musician, or writer by finding biographical information. 

Search for articles and books about the artist, musician, or writer and their work. 

Search the library catalog

Look for works by the artist, musician, or writer. 

Search the library catalog and I-Share (interlibrary loan)

Researching a work of art or architecture

When researching a work of art, try to begin with the website of the museum or institution that owns the work if possible. The musuem or institution can often provide important background information that will help you as you go deeper into the research. If researching an architectural work like a church, try to begin with the website of the entity that owns the site or a foundation dedicated to preserving the site. 

Contextualize the work

  • Look for other works by the artist or architect; and/or
  • Look for works by other artists or architects made during the same time or place; and/or
  • Look for other works on the same subject. 

In addition to using museum websites, you can use a database like ARTstor to find high resolution images of the work, other works by the artist or architect, other works made during the same time and place, and other works on the same subject. 

Search for articles and books on the work, the artist, and other related works and artists in order to further contextualize the work. 

Search the Library Catalog