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Introduction to Black Music

Course Guide - Sands

Final Project Assignment

Music Analysis - Research Paper

  • Listening Example
  • Background Information - style or genre
  • Style or genre (discussion)
  • Composer/Performer
  • Release Date
  • Other significant facts
  • Analysis of the Piece
    • distinctive performance practices
    • characteristic idioms of the style or genre
    • analysis of the lyrics (as appropriate)


    1. Select a Recording of any style or genre of Black-American Music (U.S.)

    2. Research Proposal

    • Internet Resources (at least 2)
    • Scholarly Articles (at least 2)
    • Popular Articles (at least 2)
    • Books/Reference Works (at least 2)
    • Other Resources

    3. Complete your analysis and discussion of the selected piece, in your own words, using the sources you identified in your proposal. Indicate and cite quoted content appropriately.

    4. Final project submission