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Hip-Hop: A Sonic History - MUSC 164

This guide is designed to help students enrolled in MUSC 164.

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Communicating Hip-Hop

Available online

Contact High : a visual history of Hip-Hop

Library location: 4th floor, 779.9782421649 T628c

Cuban Underground Hip Hop

Library location: 5th floor, 782.421649 S257c

Hip Hop Culture

Library location: 3rd floor, 306.484249 P945h

The Hip Hop Movement

Library location: 5th floor, 782.421649 R112hm

Hip Hop Music

Library location: 5th floor, 782.421649 E46h

Total Chaos : the art and aesthetics of Hip-Hop

Library location: 5th floor, 700.905 T717c

Hip Hop Dance