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Graduating Seniors: Access to Library Resources

How Long Will I Have Access After I Graduate?

After 90 days, your SSO login credentials are disabled, and you will lose access to library resources just as you lose access to your email, Canvas, Zoom etc. Access to library resources such as your iShare Account and databases is tied to the Microsoft Office 365 SSO login you use to access your email, Canvas, Zoom etc. You will retain that access for 90 days after Spring Graduation. If you graduate at the end of the Fall Term, you retain access until 90 days after the next Spring Graduation. During this time you will be able to access all Library Services you were able to as an enrolled student. 

For more information on this process, consult this explainer from Columbia College Information Technology under the "Student Software Access" tab. 

Why Do I Lose Access?

First, we at the library wish you didn't lose access, but unfortunately the decision isn't just up to us. We have purchased access to our databases from vendors with licensing that only permits current Columbia students, faculty, and staff to remotely access the information they contain. In addition, these databases are expensive and are paid for, in part, by your tuition. 

Why does this information cost so much and why is it only available through certain vendors? Great question! The Right to Research Coalition provides an overview