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Deaf Culture - SIGN 125

This guide is designed to help students enrolled in Deaf Culture, SIGN 125 in the ASL Department.

Finding Videos

"Finding Videos," recorded November 2020, 6 minutes. 

Featured videos

ASL poetry : selected works of Clayton Valli.

Twenty-one of Valli's poems are signed using a wide variety of styles. Kuntze guides the viewer through the poems' meanings and gives insight on the fairly new medium of poetry written in American Sign Language.

I'll come to you with Deaf eyes

The joys and hardships of the Deaf community in France and the struggle to preserve its culture.

An introduction to the Deaf community

Provides a basic overview of the culture of Deaf people and American sign language in America. Designed to debunk stereotypes, and provide information about national and international organizations of and for Deaf people.

In the land of the Deaf

With unerring curiousity and sensitivity, director Philbert portrays the difficulties and joys of being Deaf, offering vivid portraits of people of all ages coping with and surmounting their challenges.

See what I'm saying

A comic, a drummer, an actor and a singer, who are all well-known entertainers in the Deaf community, are followed as they attempt to cross over to mainstream audiences. These uniquely talented entertainers overcome great challenges to celebrate success.

Signing Black in America : a documentary

Black ASL is the unique dialect of American Sign Language (ASL) that developed within historically segregated African American Deaf communities. Largely unknown to outsiders, Black ASL has become a symbol of solidarity and a vital part of identity within the Black Deaf community.

The silent child

The Silent Child is a British sign language short film that tells the story of Libby, a profoundly deaf six-year-old girl, who lives a silent life until a social worker teaches her how to communicate through sign language.  The film won the Oscar for Live Action Short Film at the 90th Academy Awards.

Through Deaf eyes

Explores nearly 200 years of Deaf life in America. Presents the experiences of American history from the perspective of Deaf citizens. Six artistic works by Deaf media artists are woven throughout the documentary that compliment the core of the film.