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Deaf Culture - SIGN 125

This guide is designed to help students enrolled in Deaf Culture, SIGN 125 in the ASL Department.

Finding Books and E-Books

"Finding Books and E-Books," recorded September 2020, 4 minutes.


A Deaf adult speaks out

Library location: 3rd floor, 305.908162 J17d 1989

Deaf child crossing

Library location: 5th floor, 813.6 M433d

The Deaf community in America

Available online & in Reserves Collection--1st floor Desk ; 305.9082 N799d

The hidden treasure of Black ASL : its history and structure

Library location: 3rd floor, 419.7 H632m

How much do you know about ...American Sign Language and Deaf culture, history, jokes, and stories?

Library location: Focused Collections--4th floor (Available by appointment) ; 305.9082 G132h

Miriam hearing sister

Library location, 3rd floor, 305.9082092 Z17m

Mother Father Deaf : living between sound and silence

Library location: 3rd floor, 305.9082 P939m

Oxford handbook of Deaf studies, language, and education

Library location: 3rd floor, 371.912 O98m

A quiet foghorn : more notes from a Deaf gay life

Library location: 5th floor, 814.54 L943q

Signs of survival

Library location: 5th floor, 940.5318 H333s

True Biz

Library location: 5th floor, 813.6 N9423t

Understanding Deaf culture : in search of Deafhood

Library location: 3rd floor, 305.908162 L154u

Words in my hands

Library location: 3rd floor, 305.908 C444w

The words in my hands

Library location : 5th floor, 823.92 A839w