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Media Literacy - COMM 120

Media Literacy: Definitions

According to Illinois Public Act 102-055 from September 2021, media literacy means the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create, and communicate using a variety of objective forms, including, but not limited to, print, visual, audio, interactive, and digital texts.

In her 2010 white paper called Digital and media literacy: A plan of action, Professor Rene Hobbs described media literacy as the ability to Access, analyze and evaluate, create, reflect and act.
Access: Make responsible choices and access information by locating and sharing materials and comprehending information and ideas.
Analyze & evaluate: messages in a variety of forms by identifying the author, purpose and point of view, and evaluating the quality and credibility of the content
Create: content in a variety of forms, making use of language, images, sound, and new digital tools and technologies

Manage Your Sources

Use a feed aggregator:

Media Literacy Videos

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