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Research Guide

Free Resources for Spring 2020

General Info

  • Oxford Dictionary of Music
    Offers broad coverage of a wide range of musical categories spanning many eras.
  • Oxford Music Online
    The gateway to Grove Music Online, with access to search The Oxford Dictionary of Music and The Oxford Companion to Music. Entries on composers include a complete list of their works and accompanying bibliographies.
  • Oxford History of Western Music
    Offers a narrative account of the evolution of Western classical music by musicologist, Richard Taruskin. Includes notes, bibliographies and links to further readings.
  • All Music Guide
    A comprehensive guide to artists and their best works. Includes timelines, essays, reviews, and a music dictionary. Genres include rock, country, jazz, blues, world, folk, rap, reggae, gospel, new age, and many sub-genres.

Subject Specific Databases