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Art Since 1945

Course Guide - Marie

Suggested Search Terms

Try searching for:

  • "modernist painting"
  • "minimalist objects"
  • "autonomy of art"
  • formalism
  • "picture plane"
  • illusionism
  • specific objects

Search for specific artists using the Subject Search option.  Enter the artist's name: last name, first name.

  • Stella, Frank
  • Louis, Morris
  • Noland, Kenneth
  • Frankenthaler, Helen
  • Judd, Donald
  • Andre, Carl

In addition, try the following searches in the subject specific databases. 

  • "formalism art criticism"
  • "autonomy of art"
  • flatness and the "delimitation of flatness"
  • relational painting or art
  • non-composition
  • post-studio

Sampling of Books

The above are a just a few of the titles available at the Library on the topic of *Minimalism*.  Additional titles are available on specific artists as well.