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Art Since 1945

Course Guide - Marie

Suggested Search Terms

Try searching for:

  • Situationist or Situationist International
  • Fluxus
  • Pop or British Pop or POPism
  • The Factory
  • simulacrum

    Search for specific artists using the Subject Search option.  Enter the artist's name: last name, first name.

    • Lichtenstein, Roy
    • Rosenquist, James
    • Warhol, Andy
    • Hamilton, Richard
    • Kubota, Shigeko
    • Ono, Yoko
    • Knowles, Alison
    • Debord, Guy
    • Jorn, Asger

      In addition, try the following searches in the subject specific databases. 

      • commodity
      • commodity fetish
      • society of the spectacle
      • détournement
      • dérive
      • psychogeography
      • unitary urbanism
      • event scores

        Sampling of Titles

        The following are a just a few of the titles available at the Library on the topic of *Post-War Consumerist Society*.  Additional titles are available on specific artists as well.

        Streaming Videos @ Columbia College Chicago Library