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Avoiding Plagiarism

Citing an Artificial Intelligence

  • Submitting writing or other content generated by an artificial intelligence as your own work is a violation of Columbia College Chicago’s academic integrity policy.

  • Check your course’s syllabus or ask your instructor for their policy on using artificial intelligence in your work.

  • If you do use generative AI in your work, be sure to cite its use.

  • Remember that citing the use of an AI is not the same as citing the source of a piece of information in its output.

  • Be aware of the following shortcomings of current generative AI technology:

    • They may not provide specific sources or citations for the information they output. Their responses are an amalgam of content pulled from across the Internet.

    • It has been demonstrated that when an AI does provide academic citations, they are sometimes fake or “hallucinations.”

    • The Internet content that AI is trained on is dated. The information that an AI is using to generate its responses is sometimes several years old.

    • AI can demonstrate the same social and intellectual biases of its source material.

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