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Fashion Journalism

Finding sources to interview

There is no one database or search tool to find potential experts to interview.  However, the following are a few suggestions for identifying potential sources. This may take time, and not every lead will result in a willing source, so plan accordingly. 

  • Look at news stories (blog stories, podcasts, newspaper articles, local news reports, national news, radio interviews, etc.) on topics of interest.  Identify potential sources from those reports (citizens affected or involved; contacts for an organization, an event organizer, etc. 

  • Find an especially relevant and fairly current article in a trade publication.  Seek to contact the author of or an individual featured in the article.  You can use the Library search or one of the specialized databases listed in this guide to find articles.  You can often find the author’s contact information using Google, through their company or organization, or on LinkedIn.)  

  • Look at recently published books on your topic or industry and contact one of the authors. 

  • Find an industry association or nonprofit organization or government agency related to your topic and use their "Contact Us" information to try to identify a source for an interview.  For example, CFDA (The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc.) published an article on their site in February on designing and producing for the plus-size market. Some of the featured people were findable in 

  • Some universities post "Expert Lists" in hopes their faculty experts will be contacted by media. Try a search on Google for “University Expert List” to find examples.  Within a university’s expert list, you can search for an area or field and then read the specific interests of the experts listed (usually faculty).