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Art Since 1945

Course Guide - Marie

Suggested Search Terms

Try searching for: 

  • feminist art
  • identity politics
  • "consiousness raising"
  • "the personal is political"
  • gender and feminist art
  • gender and identity politics
  • patriarchy and feminist or feminism
  • partiarchy and identity politics
  • "first wave feminism"
  • "second wave feminism"

Search for specific artists using the Subject Search option.  Enter the artist's name: last name, first name.

  • Bourgeois, Louise
  • Benglis, Lynda
  • Antin, Eleanor
  • Chicago, Judy
  • Hammond, Harmony
  • Schapiro, Miriam
  • Frazier, Susan
  • Hodgetts, Vicki
  • Weltsch, Robin
  • Wilding, Faith
  • Sleigh, Sylvia
  • Guerilla Girls
  • Ringgold, Faith
  • Hammons, David
  • Shonibare, Yinka

In addition, try the following searches in the subject specific databases. 

  • phallus and (feminism or feminist)
  • essential and identity
  • "first-generation feminist"
  • "second-generation feminist"
  • "central core imagery"

      Further Sources - Websites

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