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Demographics Books

Use these sources...

Use the sources listed to find answers to the questions below.



What is the name of your client's industry?  Is there a good NAICS code for your client's industry?

Are there any alternative NAICS codes you might research as well?

Use Business Source Complete to research this industry: 

  • Search for the name of your client's industry
  • Look at relevant articles to locate potential NAICS codes for the industry
  • Do a new search for the industry using the drop-down menu to select NAICS code and pasting in the code for your industry
  • Narrow your search using the limiters on the left side (options include full-text, date range, subject, geography, etc)
  • Locate and email yourself at least 3 articles, reports or profiles that relate to your client's industry

Use Business Insights to research this industry:

  • Click the Industry Search link, the paste in your NAICS code (select NAICS) and search for industry profiles
  • Search by industry name for relevant articles 
  • Locate and email yourself at least 1 report or article that relates to your client's industry 


Who are your client's competitors?  Brainstorm for at least three competitors - use any sources at your disposal. (Google, Yelp, Arts Directories, etc)

Use America's Newspapers: Illinois Newspapers and Illinois Newspapers (Lexis Nexis Academic) to locate any newspaper articles about your client, your client's industry, and possible competitors. Email yourself at least three relevant articles about your client and a competitor. 

Use the Chicago Tribune to locate any newspaper articles about your client, your client's industry, and possible competitors.  Email yourself at least three relevant articles. 


Where is your client located?  Who is your client's target audience?  Where is the target audience geographically located?   Using the 2010 Census locate the population and demographic information for your client's audience. Use the Demographics Books in the left box to find characteristics of consumers by generation and what they purchase.

For detailed Census information, find the census tract for a specific area.  Use American Factfinder to locate the specific census tract:

  • Within American Factfinder, click Geographies Tab
  • Click the Address tab and enter the address for your client 
  • Locate the Census Tract and click on it to see detailed information on population


Search for your client, the industry and any competitors in the newspaper databases (America's Newspapers: Illinois Newspapers, Illinois Newspapers (Lexis Nexis Academic) and Chicago Tribune) and business databases (Business Source Complete and Business Insights) for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  • For Strengths try searching for: strengths, assests, positive, vitality, stability, advantage
  • For Weaknesses try searching for: weaknesses, difficulties, faults, deficiencies, instabilities, vulnerabilities, disadvantage
  • For Opportunities try searching for: opportunities, possibilities, opening, chance, strategy
  • For Threats try searching for: threats, risks, challenges, hazards, danger, gamble

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